Davidsonia: A Journal of Botanical Garden Science” is published quarterly by the UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research.

Davidsonia - A Journal of Botanical Garden Science

Davidsonia publishes original, review, discussion or summary work that is of interest to the botanical and botanical garden communities at large.

Initiated in 1970 by former garden director, Dr. Roy L. Taylor, Davidsonia recorded over a decade of scientific activity in the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and the province of British Columbia. The journal ceased publication in 1981 due to funding constraints.

Revived in early 2002 under the editorial direction of Dr. Iain E.P. Taylor (no relation), Davidsonia has broadened its original mandate and seeks contributions from the global community.

Each issue of the Davidsonia contains papers of scientific interest, an editorial of topical relevance and an article detailing UBC Botanical Garden plants of interest for a particular month. New with the publication of Volume 14, Number 3 is a selection of recommended journal articles by contributors, UBC Botanical Garden researchers and staff.

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